Happiness is a Cool Breeze

Published March 28, 2019 · 170 words · 1 minute read

I surprised myself and wrote something quite nice in my journal this morning. My efforts to eat better, work out regularly, perform academically and be better to those around me are beginning to show. It seems I’ve come around.

Excerpt from personal journal 2019-03-28.

As the last bass notes of If I were me floated through my headphones, I took a deep breath of the wet, cool Ottawa air drifting through the window. As I took my headphones off, the bed warm against my back, I drifted into the past with a smile. As I dreamily recalled all the memories accompanying this quiet city’s crisp morning air, I thought to myself “I’m damn happy. This is probably the happiest I’ve ever been.” Meandering through my head were glimpses of work and relaxation. Walking across the river to Loblaws before the sun rose. Sitting in the back of Gavin’s truck with a cup of coffee, enjoying the cool Ottawa night. Morning sunlight warming my back. Time well spent. Life well lived.