Democracy Needs a V2: Send Feedback!

Published March 25, 2022 · 139 words · 1 minute read

To my delight, the Democracy platform continues to be used by ESS and the IEEE Student Branch at uOttawa.

Though, I’d like to challenge myself and take what I’ve learned from writing the application and create a monetized V2 product using only functional languages for both the backend and frontend.

I’ll likely post about that in the months to come, just as soon as my work situation stabilizes.

If you’ve enjoyed Democracy (or have serious gripes with the user experience) please leave comments on this article or on the frontend repository.

Democracy is open source (though initially developed privately, and has been released as a reference for other uOttawa students attempting the same feat,) and split into two repositories:

  1. Democracy Web App A React/RSuite frontend for Democracy.
  2. Democracy Backend The Democracy API, written with Django/DRF, leveraging PostgreSQL and Redis.