August 17, 2019 · 290 Words · 2 minute read · Updated December 15, 2022

Hello! My name is Ryan, and I am a passionate computer programmer.

I work at IBM as an Associate Technical Consultant primarily working on Enterprise Asset Management projects utilizing Maximo EAM, along with shadowing Software Architects and Project Managers. Within IBM I have been recognized as outstanding for my level of experience, earning the country-wide Rockstar Consultant award in Q1 2022.


July 2022 - I return to the IBM Calgary office @227 11th Ave SW

I received a BASc in Computer Engineering from the University of Ottawa after graduating in April 2021. During my studies, I completed internships at IBM and MNP LLP, spent a year working at Wise Assistant, and contributed to Xalgorithms Foundation free software projects and the UOE Racing electric car team’s motor controller division.


UOE Racing Supermileage Team - Photo: Bijan Samiee

This minimalist website stores my long-form writing; records of experiments, musings, tutorials, and articles on technology.

I also store a collection of personal notes at manuals.ryanfleck.ca , my other less formal referential website.

I’m always looking for new, innovative projects to contribute to.

My email inbox, [email protected], is the most reliable way to get in touch. I check this inbox twice a day. At those times, I will read all of the messages and pencil in a future time to respond to the most important. At one point, I monitored LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook for Business, Slack and a medley of other messengers; this proved to be a touch overwhelming. I prefer to work in large, uninterrupted blocks of time.

Please visit my Github , LinkedIn , or old tech blog for more info.

The source code for this website can be found here .